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Adayana Government Group

marketing & Event Management

Managed marketing budget and coordinated exhibition at 80 conferences and events.  Developed and managed production of all external marketing materials including, sales sheets, demo loops, press releases, and presentations. Collaborated with SMEs, managing paper, contest and award submissions. Developed social media strategy and marketing communications plans.

Project Management

Managed a variety of projects, providing innovative learning strategies and solutions for the Federal government, ranging from web-based training to realistic serious gaming for the military.

Managed project budget and cross-functional team to develop three web-based training courses, supporting videos, and infographics to be used government-wide across all Federal agencies.

Lead branding and communications project for a client tool that once implemented, is expected to save the client approximately $4M dollars a year.

Supported nine additional projects; interfacing with clients, providing quality assurance, generating monthly reports and invoice requests.