5 Tools to Help You Stop Wasting Time on Tasks that Don't Make Money


This definitely doesn't come naturally to me. Unread emails make me physically uncomfortable. Problems need to be solved now. ⁠⁠My natural impulse is to "just knock this out real quick" so I don't have to think about it.⠀⁠⠀⁠

But I'm also here to tell you that you need to ⁠ Protect. Your. Time.

⁠Otherwise, you will completely burn yourself out. I totally sympathize with wanting / feeling like you need to do it all (and do it all now), so below are my 5 fav tools that prevent me from wasting time on tasks that don't make money.

1. Boomerang

If you aren't using this, I'm not sure what you're doing with your life. Schedule your emails and replies -- just because you're working at night or on the weekend doesn't mean that everyone needs to know that. Also super helpful when working across time zones.


⁠2. Calendly

If you're spending time scheduling meetings, please stop. Just send out your link. Calendly syncs with your calendar and you can fully customize when you're available, how many meetings you'll take per day, and even if you need buffer time before or after.

3. Asana

A project management tool that helps me manage my workload, my team, and my life. It helps me ensure that nothing falls through the cracks (I even have projects for my personal life + home projects...).

⁠4. Slack

Death to the email chain. Use channels instead. Also, snooze alerts and set quiet times. Again, great for working across time zones, collaborating organization, and #boundaries.

⁠5. Best Self Journal

This is one that I just started using this year and I LOVE IT. I never thought I would like putting pen to paper, but the goal-setting process and gratitude sections are amazing. Plus, committing to time blocks (that I can't just drag to another day) helps me to protect my time and resist distraction. (I love it so much, I'm actually thinking about gifting them to all of my clients!)⁠

Jessica Zepeda