1:1 Working Sessions

One of the most difficult things about being a soloprenuer (that no one tells you ahead of time) is that it’s incredibly isolating. Sure, you get to work from home everyday, so #champagneproblems, right?

But still, for those of us that do this every day, we know that the struggle is real.

The people you normally look to for advice have never done what you’re trying to do. Many don’t even understand exactly what it is that you do (something with computers maybe?).

Of those that do, you get the feeling that either they aren’t taking your business seriously, or they’re totally oblivious to how much work you’re doing (um, yes. It’s still work even if you aren’t getting paid yet).

You have tons of ideas, but no sounding board. And most importantly, you don’t know what you don’t know.

I do know, because this was exactly me when I first started my business. All I wanted was a fresh set of eyes and someone to strategize and brainstorm with.

I wasn’t ready for some coaching program—I was still getting clear on the basics. I needed things like:

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strategic planning


This is exactly why these sessions are totally flexible to fit your needs. We can tackle everything from automating your business so that you can focus on growth to a quick business audit to help you find your blind spots.

We’ll work together, as needed, at your pace, to crush any roadblocks or analysis paralysis that you’re up against to help you get to profitable faster.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, then just reach out! Shoot me a message for a no pressure convo to see if we’re ideal for each other.